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GASCO is an operating Company engaged in the extraction of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) from associated and natural gas.

With a process capability of 5,500 million standard cubic feet of feed gas (MMSCFD) per day and producing 285,000 barrels of condensate, 4,500 tons of sulphur and 28,000 tons of NGL per day, GASCO is currently one of the largest gas processing companies in the world.

GASCO industrial complex, one of the biggest in the United Arab Emirates, is now looking for qualified staff for the following vacant positions:



To perform preventive, breakdown and shutdown mechanical maintenance activities of static and rotating equipment.

The Mechanical Technician reports to the Mechanical Supervisor.

His main areas of responsibility involve the maintenance of major rotating equipment such as Gas Turbines, gas compressors, turbo expanders, blowers, diesel prime movers, pumps, valves and fin fan coolers.

  • To perform and participate in the preventive, corrective and troubleshooting mechanical maintenance activities of the plant equipment, Gas Turbines, Compressors and Pumps.
  • To attend Toolbox meetings to establish scope of work activities such as safety requirements permits to work, special tools and materials.
  • To operate, repair and perform functional testing of tackle and lifting equipment, to the recognized standards.
  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • To troubleshoot, identify and isolate faulty components, on Rotating, Gas Turbine and Compressor equipment, using P&IDs, manufacturers’ manuals, drawings and diagrams.
  • To identify spare parts required for maintenance work, from manufacturers’ drawings and spare parts lists.
  • To perform shutdown maintenance repair and overhaul on all rotating and static equipment, including Gas Turbines, Compressors & Pumps.
  • To participate in condition monitoring checks on machinery, and notify any malfunctions or defects to the immediate supervisor.
  • To be a member of the Engineering Emergency & Fire Backup 24 hour roster team, for performing ship connection & disconnection and safety support duties.
  • To observe operation of all equipment during routine activities for abnormalities, and report any defects to relevant Supervisor.
Having hands-on exposure on the following:
  1. Preventive and/or corrective maintenance of rotating & static equipments (e.g. multi-stage pumps, compressors, gas/steam turbines, blowers, all types of bearings & valves, mechanical seals assemby/disassembly, etc.)
  2. Must know usage of all measuring tools & knowledge of clearances
  3. Alignment Techniques (must specify what techniques he actually did/actual hands-on exposure)
  4. must have knowledge & exposure in Permit to Work (PTW) systems
  5. familiar with HAZOP/HAZID, H2S and best Safety practices
  6. ability to fully read & interpret P&ID, Process Flow and other engineering drawings
We strongly suggest that you mention your specific duties & responsibilities and also must make a clear list of all equipments (rotating or static) you personally had hands-on experience. It would also be appreciated if you can mention the brand, type, make, model of the equipments.

  • Diploma in Mechanical or equivalent Tech. Related
  • 4 Years Experience in the same field

To perform preventive, corrective and troubleshooting maintenance, and testing of all Plant Instrument Process Monitoring, Control Protective equipment.

Instrument Technician reports to the Instrument & Control Engineer.

Responsibilities include working with Digital Governor Controls, PLC systems, Microprocessor controls and various conventional pneumatic & electronic Instruments, all of which require the ability to read & understanding engineering drawings such as P & IDs, loop drawing, ladder logic and block & functional diagrams.

  • To perform preventive, corrective and diagnostic maintenance on the process control systems and control loops.
  • To remove, dismantle, overhaul/repair and install electric, pneumatic, electronic or hydraulic control system such as control valves and actuators, recorders, measuring and recording instruments in the field or in the workshop.
  • To perform preventive and emergency maintenance on all equipment on site, as well as during machine scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns.
  • To perform modification of control circuits and/or control loops as per the plant change requests and update all related plant drawings to reflect the actual changes.
  • To assist other sections such as electrical, mechanical and workshop in the repair and troubleshooting of their instrument and electronic related systems and test equipment.
  • To perform upgrade and retrofitting of new control instruments to the existing panels in the field and main control room.
  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • To input data into the MAXIMO maintenance system, such as work order activities, materials and spares, failure reports and manpower statistics.
  • To perform regular calibration and maintenance of all safety, fire and gas equipment such as gas monitors, H2S monitors, smoke detectors and heat detectors to conform to #6.
  • To troubleshoot, repair, calibrate and test various types of process control instruments and relay logic, which include pneumatic, electrical and electronic instruments.
  • HCT D./ATI/ Equivalent in Tech. or Related
  • 4 Years Experience in the same field

To operate and monitor process plant and facilities in the assigned area as per operating procedures and GASCO – HSE standards.

The Operator reports to the Shift Controller.

The Operator is responsible for the entire field operations of all equipment in his assigned area, and types of equipment generally consist of all or some of the following items: Pumps, compressors, turbines, storage tanks, separators, furnaces, pipelines, columns/vessels, control valves, block valves, loading arms and jetty equipment. He must also respond immediately to plant process upsets/emergencies and safety emergencies, which can include gas leaks and fires etc. He is normally the first person to observe and react to any field equipment abnormalities.

  • To communicate and follow instructions of the Shift Controller to carry out duties efficiently and safely.
  • To check process parameters and coordinate with the Senior Operator to correct any deviations.
  • To carryout routine checks on equipment for abnormalities and inform Superior for prompt action.
  • To prepare the plant / equipments for maintenance ensuring adherence to standards.
  • To sign work permits, follow on-going jobs and monitor Contractors activities ensuring adherence to safety regulations and procedures.
  • To operate outside machinery and related equipment safely and efficiently as per Company standards and instructions.
  • To carry out duties as Auxiliary fireman or Site Safety Officer as and when required during emergencies, as per the Facility Response Plan.
  • To follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • To receive chemicals, maintain the stock/consumption register and prepare chemical batches required for the process ensuring adherence to procedures.
  • To ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • To prepare various key Performance Indicator commitment checklists for management perusal.
Having the following hands-on exposures/experience on Gas processing particularly NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) having any or either of the following:
  1. Gas Sweetening – Sweetening Units – merox process, sulfrex process, Molecular Sieve-Mol sieves
  2. Gas Separation
  3. Gas Compression
  4. Fractionation – Fractionation Train/Towers – De-ethanizer, De-propanizer, Debutanizer
  5. Dehydration – Dehydration Unit – TEG, Glycol or PSA
  6. Nitrogen Rejection – Cryogenic, Absorption process
  7. Acid Gas Removal – Amine treating, Benfield process, PSA, Sulfinol process, etc.
  8. NGL Recovery Units
  9. Sulphur Recovery Units
  10. H2S Removal Units
  11. Gas Inlet facilities – slug catcher, inlet separator, condensate stripper; Fired heaters; heat exchangers; blowers; pumps; turbines & compressors, turbo expanders
  12. must have knowledge & exposure in Permit to Work (PTW) systems
  13. familiar with HAZOP/HAZID, H2S and best Process Safety practices
  14. basic ability to read & interpret P&ID, Process Flow and other engineering drawings
We strongly suggest that you mention your specific duties & responsibilities in any of the above processes and also make a list of all the equipments you are currently handling and you know-how on the previous equipments, It would also be appreciated if you can mention the brand, type, make, model of the equipments.

  • Secondary / ATI in Tech. or Related
  • 5 Years Experience in the same field
Campaign will be held in November 9th to 11th, 2012 at Ritz Carlton Hotel 3rd Floor, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. On 07.00 am, (Please be available 15 minutes earlier). Please make sure your CV is ALREADY been submitted to www.megarainfield.com

And bring with you these following documents :
  • 3 updated copies CV
  • Passport size photo Red and White background (@ 2 pcs each)
  • Supporting Document (Original and Copy degree, Employment certificate, Passport – if available, Pay Salary Slip, and etc.) Hardcopy and Softcopy of all the above document in a CD.
Attractive Salary will be offered, End of Service Benefits & other allowances.
" Only short-listed candidates will be invited via e-mail/phone for Test and Interview "
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